Technical surveillance

Technical surveillance work procedure and content of constructions, including buildings is prescribed by the Cabinet Regulations No. 444 “Regulations about Latvian Construction Standard LBN 405-01 “Technical inspection of buildings”” of 16 October 2001.

Technical inspection of buildings is a complex of studying and assessment works of technical condition of constructions and their parts and their built-in building units. The constructions are inspected before designing the renovation, reconstruction or restoration works of the construction to state the volume of damage of a building and conformity to the application aim of the building, valid construction standards and Latvian national standards.

Technical surveillance of the building is ordered by the manager or proprietor of the building concluding a contract with inspector of the building. The buildings are inspected by a natural person certified in the respective area or legal entity registered in the Register of Construction Merchants (homepage of the Ministry of Economics) that engages a certified expert who is responsible for qualitative execution of technical surveillance.


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