Electricity consumption balance

Electricity balance
We offer to prepare the electricity balance according to the requirements of the Ministry of Economics and Cabinet Regulations. The electricity balance is developed by a certified energy auditor. The electricity balance must be submitted to the Ministry of Economics by January 31 of the current year.

The Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.202 stipulates that if the large electricity consumer transfers electricity to sub-users, the large electricity consumer may confirm the amount of electricity supplied to the particular sub-user by submitting an energy balance approved by the energy auditor to the Ministry of Economics.

On the basis of Cabinet Regulation No 202, the energy efficiency fee is applied to large electricity consumers taking into account its electricity consumption. Therefore, if your company transfers a certain amount to a sub-user and is certified by the auditor, then you will only pay for that amount if it exceeds 500 Mwh per year. However, if the consumption is less than 500 Mwh per year, there will be no charge at all. The Ministry of Economics will evaluate the submitted information and take it into account when calculating the energy efficiency fee.


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Nauris Bertmanis
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