Project of simplified renovation

Construction plan can be implemented as simplified reconstruction, in case the following preconditions are observed within the framework of reconstructions:

  • property rights of third parties are not touched, incl. rights of joint owners;
  • change of function of a building or its part (change of application type) is performed. Change of function of common rooms is allowed in case 100% agreements from joint owners are received.

Project of simplified renovation and simplified reconstruction can be joined in one Attestation card. Change of function of a room is allowed in case the new function corresponds to the particular application of territory and the territory application allowed in the construction provisions.

To implement such project of simplified renovation or simplified reconstruction, the initiator agrees with the responsible designer about the elaboration of project documentation and fills in the Attestation card.

Attestation card (original) and project documentation shall be prepared in three copies for submission at Riga Construction Authority. One copy is planned for storage at Riga City Construction Authority, and one copy at acceptance is anticipated for customer and the responsible designer.

Riga City Construction Authority revises a project of simplified renovation or simplified reconstruction is revised within 10 workdays after it is registered at the Construction Authority and makes a remark in the Attestation card about acceptance of project or gives a substantiated refusal in writing.

The responsible designer is responsible for the stability of the building or its part, unhindered functioning of common engineering communications, conformity to the planned function (type of application) and the regulatory enactments and for compliance with the property rights of third parties. The responsible designer can invite additionally other construction experts who sign the attestation card.

Initiators of simplified reconstruction or simplified renovation account for implementation of the project in accordance with the documentation of the project of simplified reconstruction or simplified renovation.


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Nauris Bertmanis
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