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When implementing the services, the team of SIA Solution Expert pays great attention to open and continuous dialog with each client – irrespective of whether he is a representative of a large or small business. Only understanding the needs of clients and successfully cooperating we’re able to provide the best possible solutions, saving your time and the consumption of financial resources.


order energy audit of a private house with discount 20 EUR!

Thermography of a private house will show where your private house has heat losses, that enables eliminate these heat losses when it gets warmer and next year or for the assiduous ones – already this year  live warmer and pay less!

Energy audit for private house allows you as the proprietor of private house look on how much thermal and electric energy you consume now and how much you would save after thermal insulation and some other events connected with decrease of consumption!

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Nauris Bertmanis

+371 2641 8889

E-mail: info@solutionexpert.lv

Address: Keguma street 50 - 29, Riga, Latvia, LV-1039

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Nauris Bertmanis
+371 2641 8889
E-pasts: info@solutionexpert.lv 
Juridisā adrese: Ķeguma iela 50 - 29, Rīga, LV-1039
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